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Metabolic Resistance Training is arguably the most important innovation to hit the fitness industry. Obesity is at an all time high and still continues to rise. The demand for ‘fat loss’ solutions from the consumer population is growing at an unprecedented rate.

 Here’s a deeper look at metabolic training:


1) Metabolic Training Uses Large Muscle Groups

“Structural and compound exercises” are types of exercises that require a maximum amount of energy because multiple joints are involved like a Squat with a Press. Sitting down and doing a biceps curl is like the exact opposite of hard core metabolic training.

2) Metabolic Training is High Intensity

Metabolic training is high intensity anaerobic exercise that makes you breathless. If you are completing a metabolic workout and you are not breathing hard and sweating, something is wrong. Ideally you should be lifting as heavy or intensely as you can and resting as little as possible between sets.

The extreme of metabolic training is Crossfit where a few intense exercises will be repeated in a circuit with little to no rest to push the body to its absolute limit. This training is usually reserved for seasoned athletes and the military, but more recently has been taken up by average fitness enthusiasts for better, or worse.


3) Metabolic Training Makes You Feel The Burn

A metabolic workout should help create a burning sensation in your muscles as you are working out. So by your last rep of a given exercise, you should be feeling a burn in your muscles.

Metabolic Training Benefits



Metabolic Training Benefit #1: Improved cardiovascular capacity

While metabolic training is not “aerobic” like going for a jog, some studies have shown anaerobic exercise such as HIIT can increase in V02 max beyond that experienced by exercisers following an aerobic program.

Metabolic Training Benefit #2: Improved hormonal profile

Several studies have shown that hormones that promote “lipolysis” (the technical term for fat loss) increase as a results of high intensity strength training. Strength training in general has been shown to help improve hormonal profile, and metabolic training is debatably the best type of strength training to elicit the most powerful hormonal response.

Metabolic Training Benefit #3: Serious calorie burn

While calorie burn studies come to different conclusions as to the total calorie burn of metabolic training, it certainly burns a ton of calories. The calorie burn during a workout is easily around 500 calories for a 30 minute workout, but it also increases metabolic rate from anywhere between 10% to 25% for up to 48 hours, with some studies showing an increase in metabolic rate for up to even 72 hours. This equates to hundreds of extra calories, which over the course of a few workouts can become significant.


Intuitively the "After Burn Affect" as it’s called makes sense, because you are shocking your body, creating an oxygen debt (i.e. excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), and causing muscle damage (in a good way), which the body needs to repair to become fitter and stronger. This extra repair to get your body back to homeostasis requires a lot of extra energy.

Wholy Fit Fat Loss Nutrition System


  • You don't have to count calories.
  • You don't have to starve yourself.
  • You don't have to eat funny-tasting shakes and bars.
  • You don't have to drink lemon water with cayenne pepper for breakfast, lunch and
  • dinner.
  • You don't have to suffer from the consequences of yo-yo dieting.
  • You will work with your body to lose the pounds that it doesn't even want to hold onto.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised how self-care techniques can help you manage your weight.
  • You will learn the tools and tricks that will help you eat sensibly and keep the pounds off forever, for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Losing weight and maintaining your happy weight is way more than counting calories. Learn the Three Effortless Ways to Lose Weight so that you can shake off the pounds and keep them off for good!


In this Wholy Fit Fat Loss System, you may . . .

  • Lose between 1-2 pounds for each week on the program
  • Drop two dress sizes and lose 2–4 inches from your waist
  • Feel lighter, slimmer and more confident
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You will learn:

  • Three steps to effortless weight loss
  • Which whole foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  •  How to set your goals to maximize success
  • Why “diets” don’t work
  • The dangers of restrictive diets
  • Ten ways to avoid the overweight trap
  • Medical conditions and weight gain
  • Mindset tips to supercharge your effort and lead to success
  • weeks of done-for-you meal plans and recipes

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